Dual Safety

The Dual Safety System used in the Bullpup series to ensure safer use of our Bullpup model and to provide flexibility to the user in this point.

Dual Magazine Plug

Dual Magazine Plug system is a system used in the bullpup series and allows quick replacement of the magazine and more effective usage of the shotgun.

Dual Charging Handle System

Bullpup Series offers two different options on the right and left to the user. User can use the charging handle on which side he wants.

M LOK Channel Design

The M Lok channels which are on handguards of the Bullpup Series are a special design and have been developed for easy installation of M Lok accessories.


In models, special soft bakelite material is used. This significantly reduces the recoil effect. At the same time, this bakelite material allows the user and the gun to be integrated for a good hold.

Bolt Shield Tech

The Bolt Shiled Tech has been developed for eliminating any risk of empty cartridge crash. In this way, the user uses the shotgun more safely by making riskless shots.


In models, special soft materials are used for grip. This allows the user to feel and handle the shotgun easily.

Cartridge Load Safety

In some semi-auto and pump action models, this system is used. In this design, if the security is activated, the shotgun is never loaded with the cartridge and the user can not fire the shotgun. The users think that, this is like a second safety mechanism.

Robust Barrel Tech

The Robust Barrel Tech reduces the friction between the tube and shots. So the shots in flight is much more optimized and shots patterns. It’s simple less recoil, speed uniform and shots easily.

Easy Load

A special trigger group design and larger loading port offers an easy loading.

1500 BAR Spec

Each Barrel is subjected to a proof test with 1500 BAR high pressure test cartridge before leaving our factory.

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